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  • Pentax K1000 Camera with 50mm (f/2.0) Lens

    List Price: $0.00

    The K1000 is an almost-all metal, mechanically (springs, gears, levers) controlled, vade-mecum-focus SLR with manual-exposure control. It is...
  • Pentax K-3II Pentax DSLR (Body Only)

    Price: $849.95

    - Built-in GPS with Astro Tracer Aim for Astro photography with built in compass function
    - FLU, Eye-fi Wireless, and SDX Celebration card compatibility for easy image transfer to ambulant devices and remote control of camera

    Designed for the top effectuation of the K series, the K-3II provides an array of outstanding features, including expensive-resolution image...
  • Pentax K-50 16MP Digital SLR Camera Kit with DA L 18-55mm WR f3.5-5.6 Lens (Black)

    Price: $409.00

    - Endure-sealed, Dustproof, Cold proof Design. With 81 meteorological conditions seals your K-50 ensures use in any weather condition, be it cloudburst or sand. The K-50's rugged, cold proof aim is also made for use in freezing, wet, snowy winter conditions (-10C, 14F).
    - Eye-Fi Probable Compatibility with Eye-Fi wireless SD cards, the user can send images to a smartphone. Users can assist automatic transmission of images to a smartphone for sharing. Users can even pick favorite images and resize before transmission.

    Recall conformity, and get serious with the PENTAX K-50, a mid-level DSLR with fast, advanced functionality, all wrapped up in incautious colors....
  • Pentax K-50 16MP Digital SLR Camera with 3-Inch LCD - Body Only (White)

    Price: $295.00

    - Innovative In-consistency Shake Reduction (SR) Mechanism. The PENTAX in-body, sensor-stint Shake and Dust Reduction technology ensures acrimonious, image stabilized, auto-leveled, and dust-rid imaging with any mounted lens.
    - ISO Speeds up to 51200. Luxurious sensitivity shooting up to 51200 ISO range improves din performance throughout, even in low lighting.

    Think of conformity, and get serious with the PENTAX K-50, a mid-level DSLR with fast, advanced functionality, all wrapped up in outstanding...
  • Pentax Q-S1 02 12.4MP Mirrorless Digital Camera with 3-Inch LCD (Champagne Gold)

    List Price: $349.95
    Price: $318.99
    You Save: $30.96 (9%)

    - SD, SDHC, SDXC, Eye-Fi car-card compatibility
    - ISO Appreciation up to 12799

    The PENTAX Q-S1 is the latest besides to the popular PENTAX Q series of compact-sized, interchangeable-lens digital cameras, which are fashionable...

PENTAX Medical Launches OPTIVISTA-EPK-i7010 Video Processor

The introduction of OPTIVISTA offers physicians both digital (i-through . Surface and Tone Enhancements) and Optical Enhancement (i-inspect OE), with. and three i-scan modes which includes i-scan OE to view multiple aspects. with epitome enhancement processing technology i-scan OE clearly displays. provides an enhanced on account of of the mucosal structures and vascular. with the proven digital i-leaf through technology, in one video processor,. the surface structures of blood vessels, glandular ducts and mucosal. Physicians can shift seamlessly in real time amongst HD+ white light.

Pentax K-1

Key features of the K-1 tabulate a 36 megapixel 35mm sensor with an anti-aliasing simulator rather than an optical anti-aliasing screen, Pixel Shift Resolution technology which delivers wonderful-high-resolution images with more accurate colour... The K-1 has a dustproof, bear up against-resistant and cold-resistant construction, a shutter designed for 300,000 releases, top shutter race of 1/8000th second, an optical viewfinder with a nearly 100-percent competition of view, a newly designed, flexible... The...

Pentax launches full-frame K-1

The K-1 is Pentax's first full-case-mounting digital camera, and is the first full-frame DSLR on the market to tender built-in five-axis image stabilisation. Pentax Australia officially launched the new Pentax K-1 at Sydney's Abroad Passenger Terminal on Wednesday night. According to Pentax, the K-1 features a weatherproof and dust sealed essentials, 1/8000s high speed shutter and 36.

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